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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Common Mistakes noticed while writing an essay

What are the mistakes that are found in your essay and how to correct them?

Whether writing an essay for assignment submission, for college application purpose or for a competition;it needs standard rules to be followed.

Essays are not that difficult to write. Here follows few of the mistakes noticed in the essay and some of the tips on how those mistakes can be overcome.

The substance of any essay is its fact and information which is followed by the proper formatting of that information.

10 Common mistakes noticed while writing an essay

1.Improper formatting:
 As a rule of thumb, an essay without proper formatting tends to be less read. Without this, the essay will not look presentable despite having all the accurate information with facts included. For example, care should be taken to check if the indentation is proper, the appropriate font size is included and other necessary rules.

2.Improper thesis statement:
The thesis statement is an important part of an essay. It builds a strong passage between an introduction and a body section of the essay. A strong thesis statement with sufficient supportive clauses in a body section is very much necessary.

A common mistake that is found is building strong thesis statement but not providing proper justification to the thesis statement which makes way to a bad essay.

3.Improper citations:
Essays must be original, informative and properly cited. Often, essays are found with good essay structure and good writing but fail due to improper citation of reference. References are important factor as they are copyrighted information which cannot be utilized without permission.It is a good practice in essay writing to use bibliography as well.

4.Improper Grammar usage:  
Essays convey information and facts that readers believe on. Hence must be presented in a lucid manner. Proper usage of the language, grammar is necessary to write an essay. Learning the grammar skills prior to writing an essay is advised.

5.Improper use of words:
One of the common mistakes that are found while an essay is read is that the structure of the essay has the same concept being explained throughout with different words. This leads to redundant data written just to increase the word length but the information being provided is same.

    6.Improper conclusion:
The essay consists of an introduction, a body section and a conclusion. Each having its own importance, the information gets transited from the introduction with a strong thesis statement to the body section where further information is provided.

The conclusion part is the final stage where it sums up the essay. This is the crucial part which has to hold the essay together and support the thesis statement.Poor conclusion will only decrease the quality of the essay. Hence conclusion part of the essay must be properly planned and executed accordingly.

  7.Improper use of contractions are to be avoided
 Essays should always be formal in nature. Usage of don’t, won’t, can’t should be avoided. Business writing, formal writing follows a procedure hence if it is an academic writing the applied rules must be followed.

8.Improper titles:
An essay is not just judged by its structure, format, writing style and the grammar but also a title which plays an important factor. Placing improper title or title which is too long are some bad practices which must be avoided.
Title decides the readability factor and also becomes a measurable factor for the success of an essay.

9.Improper sentence structure:
The best feature of an essay is the clarity that it gives. Essays must be lucid in nature which is easily understood by the reader.

10.Stuffing too much of information:
A bad practice of an essay is including information, statistics, facts more than required. It is important to give information to the reader but providing them more than required might increase the word length but will decrease the quality of the essay.

These are few of the mistakes that are found in an essay which should be avoided in order to make it a successful one. 

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