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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Characteristics of a good essay

What makes an essay of the best quality?

Essays are the part of education.They reflect huge importance while they are submitted as an assignment.
Essays fall under the category of formal writing. In this type of writing, structure remains prominent.

To categorize different types of writing from an essay, here are a few characteristics mentioned. These points set apart a good essay from the rest.

How should an essay be? Characteristics of an essay

1.Engaging the audience:
The first and best characteristic of an essay is the ability to hook on the readers. This crucial characteristic is important as an essay is one way of informing people or expressing opinion to the public.
It must be very well read by the audience and engage them throughout the essay.

2.Simple to understand:
Writing effective essay is very prominent part of an essay. It must include important facts and information written in simple and lucid format.

The writing which includes complex words are hard to understand and less read by the target audience. Hence content must be given a clean and simple approach.

 3.Research and citation:
An effective essay is the one which is properly cited with good sources. To discourage plagiarism, every essay should have proper references to good resources. This increases authenticity.

Before an essay is written, the topic must be well researched. Less researched information will have no grounds on the topic being written.

4.Focus on the topic:
Quality becomes more important than quantity when it comes to writing an essay. Hence only relevant information must be filled in. The topic chosen to write should be focused upon.
This allows writing only apt and correct information focusing on one point at a time.

5.Organizing the content into a structure:
A well formatted essay consists of a structure. Each essay that is to written must adhere to the structure.
The structure consists of an introduction part, body section and a conclusion. Each being an important part, all must be given equal importance.

6.Good grammar and punctuation:
What goes without saying is good writing skills to present a topic. Inclusion of good grammar, punctuation and right words is an appropriate approach towards a good write-up.
Essays convey more than just information. It shows the presentation skills, formatting skills and good writing skills. These things matter much as it is one form of formal writing. 

7.Giving a strong opinion:
The base of a good essay is standing strong on the opinion. Essay must have an introduction whose flow will continue to the body section briefing more about it.

The last part of an essay is the conclusion part, which will sum up the essence of an essay. The opinion which is built from the start must end with strong conclusion. Standing to the point that is being written holds great importance.

8.Thesis statement:
Thesis statement (hook statement) is included in the introductory part of an essay. This statement adds an element to the topic being written.

Strong thesis statement decides the credibility of the write-up which will entail causes and effects written in rest of the essay.

Why is it important to include these characteristics in an essay?

After mentioning and discussing characteristics of a good essay, it becomes important to understand, why it is crucial to include these characteristics in the essay?

The number one fact is that it creates cohesion to readers and ease of reading an essay. Secondly following these formatting rules will help in improving the quality of an essay.

It convincingly brings the inner self of an individual through words. Including these characteristics will enhance quality of essay bringing in more of best information. Thus the whole act of writing an essay including these characteristics will bring best out of it. 

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