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Friday, 24 February 2017

How to write a five paragraph essay?

How to write an effective five paragraph essay?

What goes without saying is to present an essay well while they are to be submitted as assignments, in the form of a college application, or while participating for an essay competition.

There are certain criteria that every essay follows, though the word flow of an essay may be different for each type but the format of writing will remain the same.

A five paragraph essay is the most common format followed. This includes the content divided into introduction, body, and conclusion; with each section being given equal importance. Considered as the standard writing type, a five paragraph essay is even included in standards exams such as SAT, TOEFL, IELTS.

Structure of a five paragraph essay:
The basic structure of a five-paragraph essay consists of:

          1.Introduction section

          2.Body section

                      Paragraph 1(with subordinating points)
                 Paragraph 2(with subordinating points)
             Paragraph 3(with subordinating points) 

          3.Conclusion section

Simple steps in writing a five paragraph essay

It is the starting point for an essay. As they say, first impression is the best impression. All that an essay needs is a good start to follow with a meaningful content till the end.

Characteristics of introduction section:

a.Grabbing attention of the readers:
An introduction part will say many things about the topic hence it must be written with hook statements. These will grab the readers’ attention which should be enough to let the reading continue till the end.

b.Inform readers about the topic:
The topic which is chosen to write as an essay, must be delivered with a broader idea. This means it must subtly introduce about the topic which is being written but should not explain about in detail. 

c.Transition to the next part:

It must subtly reveal the outline of the essay being written. This will give the readers the idea about what content is offered to read and will automatically build a link to the body section of the essay.

d.Briefing up:
The introductory statement must not be longer than 8-10 sentences. But it must be powerful enough to hold the topic altogether.

e.Strong thesis statement:
Inclusion of strong thesis statement will make the essay powerful to display. It gathers interest of a reader whenever an essay is written and thesis statement contributes most part to it. 

The fact and the opinions formed in the introduction section get transited to the body section. The body section of an essay explains the content elaborately. Body section in the five paragraph essay is divided into 3 paragraphs; each paragraph will have its own subordinating points.
Each paragraph will be connected with each other, yet distantly presenting unique information. The main idea of content gets divided into paragraphs respectively.

Characteristics of body section:

a.Self explanatory:
Main ideas of the topic are discussed in the body section. These paragraphs must explain the topic in detail, step by step with references and strong points.

b.Hierarchy while presenting information:
The first paragraph will contain the strongest argument and the evidence along with subordinating points. The hierarchy of the body section continues with the second paragraph revealing strong argument (less strong than the first paragraph) and the evidence along with subordinating points.

Lastly, the third paragraph will have the argument with less strength than the other with evidence and subordinating points that follow. Not to be forgotten, each paragraph must be tied together appropriately. Check here to know about arguments

c.Inclusion of facts, quotes, examples:
An effective essay is one which will have facts, quotes, and examples included. This will make it more readable and informative.

The primary motive of writing an essay is to inform the readers with useful information and not just stuffing words.

d.Realistic approach:
It becomes more important to give it a realistic approach than just explaining the content like a theory.

To make it look more realistic, more of good words and effective writing style must be adopted.Putting too much theory down the line will only decrease the quality of readability. 

3.Conclusion section:
The crucial part of an essay is to write the conclusion section. It is crucial because it must summarize the whole essay in few sentences. Often the sentences written in the conclusion section is judged hence giving an essay the right effect.
The good way to complete the essay is by providing justification to the topic through the conclusion section. 

a.Continuing the outline:
The outline of an essay is built in each stage of the essay; from the beginning till the conclusion part. Conclusion part must contain the outline to complete the essay properly.

b.Giving justice to the thesis statement:
As said above, thesis statement remains the most important aspect of an essay. Giving the justification to the created thesis statement will become an essential part. What follows from the top of the essay must end at the bottom of the essay with the same effect.

c.Holding the essay together:
Conclusion part is given the right importance because it holds the essay together. It summarizes the whole essay and makes or breaks the opinion formed. The whole point of writing a topic and standing to the opinion formed is critical.

d.Supporting the arguments mentioned:
The conclusion part must support the arguments written along. These arguments are written for a reason which is brought together by the conclusion statement.

These are few of the simple yet effective ways to write a five-paragraph essay.

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