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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to write an academic essay?

How to write an academic essay: The Basics

Academic writing is a piece of writing which is written in formal style. They are usually restricted to provide them as assignments or as a capstone project. It often is termed to be difficult to write as it requires in-depth research and use of formal language.

But if certain procedures are followed an academic essay can be written with flair too! To know how to write an academic essay, read along!

What should I include in an academic essay to make it outstanding? 

 1.An answer to the topic: While an academic essay is written, it must always a simple rule; to answer to the topic. For the question that is posed, it must be a straight forward and a direct answer, not deviating in any aspect.

Certainly for this, well-researched points and correct approach are required which can be learned eventually.  

2.A thesis statement: Like content is a king for an essay, a thesis statement is its subject. Essay can be evolved only when proper foundation is built.

Thesis statement should be provided in the introductory part of an essay to add an essence to it. It must subtly give information about what the topic is and induce interest in reader’s mind to read further.

3.Transitions in an essay: Each essay is established by divide and conquer method. Dividing it into sections at first and getting them together with the help of transitions.

Transitions are important for an essay as it brings a logical flow into it thereby connecting well with the readers. Transitional statements must be present in every section (that is introduction, body and conclusion section) so that they are attached in an accurate manner.

4.Solid use of grammar, style, and punctuation: An element which is necessary for an essay must be utilized properly. Giving preference to grammar, style of writing and punctuation marks becomes necessary to write a good academic essay.

Click here to know how can be spellings be improved.

5.Inclusion of introduction, body and a conclusion:  Speaking about the structure of an essay, it must consist of an introduction part, a body section and, a conclusion.

6.A tone to an essay-using imperative voice: Imperative voice must be avoided while an academic essay is written as it is strictly a rule to use formal language and maintain an etiquette.    

7.Supporting arguments with evidence: Academic essay is about formulating points which proves something based on an evidence presented along. Hence strong arguments along with pieces of evidence are important to given keen look. 

8.Provide statements which hooks the readers: To attract readers, an important element must not be missed. Hooking the readers becomes easy if hook statements are added in the introductory part of an essay.

These are usually two or three sentences which must be interesting enough to engage readers into reading it.

9.Provide references and citations:  When pieces of evidence are being provided, it becomes obvious to include references and citations into an essay. This will enhance the authenticity of an essay and make it non-plagiarism. 

Steps involved in writing an academic essay: 

1.Search for a topic: To begin an academic essay, a good topic must be chosen. This will not only give an impact on the readers but also gives knowledge while writing about that topic.

2.Prepare an outline for the essay: After choosing a good topic, an outline must be prepared to give the essay a good structure. This will help in creating a better essay as a blueprint for it is created.
3.Research on the topic: Once a basic outline for an academic essay is prepared, the next step is to research on the chosen topic.

Researching on the topic can be difficult if reputable sources are not utilized. Hence it is necessary to find good sources to research on the topic. 

4.Organize the essay according to a structure: As mentioned above, an essay must be divided into introduction, body and a conclusion section. Relevant information must be written in this structure thereafter.

5.Edit the first draft written: After the completion of writing the first draft, it must be edited. Editing an essay is very important in two aspects:

1.To add excess information to the already content.

2.To omit information that is not necessary.

While there are other checks that have to be made such as use of grammar, sentence structure etc.

6.Proofread the content: The last stage of writing an academic essay is to proofread it. Proofreading an essay is very much essential as it brings out clarity into the write-up thereby creating a quality essay.

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