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Friday, 10 March 2017

Simple tricks to write best paper

How to write the best paper?

Best essays are the one which have relevant information. It becomes important to note that essays have played a major role in schools and colleges.
Good writing skills and apt use of grammar adds a tone to it. Thus to get the best out of an essay, here are a few of simple tricks mentioned which will enhance the quality.

12 foolproof tips to write the best paper: 

1.Structuring an essay:
An essay without a structure is like a body without a skeleton. Content which is written must be organized into a proper structure. This includes an introduction section, body section, and a conclusion part.

2.Continuity in the flow of information:
Transition between introduction part, body section and conclusion must flow very naturally without any external push. All three parts of an essay must bind together to present information to the audience.

3.Adhering to reference style:
Standard reference styles such as Oxford, Harvard, and APA must be followed to write an essay. Each university has their prescribed reference style which enhances the quality of an essay.

4.Hook statement:
Every essay must contain a hook statement; this statement hooks the readers to it. A catchy sentence or two should be added in the introductory part which will establish interest in the reader’s mind.

5.Show do not tell:
This philosophy works magic for an essay. Though an idea must be expressed in terms of words, there are other ways of showing emotions, feelings, actions, senses instead of writing descriptions and summaries.

6.Using simple language:

Most often, an essay might have great content but will simply fail to deliver the exact emotion through that essay. This happens because of excessive use of informal language and jargons. Keeping it simple always works out in making a great essay.

7.Impeccable grammar:
Care should be taken to use impeccable grammar which will enhance the quality of an essay. Use of bad grammar shows the inexperience of a writer which results in the bad quality of an essay.

8.Answer to the topic:
The topic of an essay is a question that must have an answer. An essay must portray all the necessary elements in it which will be an answer. There must be a direct approach towards a topic with less diversion on other instances.  

9.Revising and editing:
Proofreading skills are important as writing skills. Content once is written, it must be proofread several times. This will erase out any mistakes that will degrade the meaning of it. 

10.The outcome must stand out:
The point of writing an essay is to get an outcome from the opinions expressed. It must showcase the opinions very strongly and stand to it till the end of it.

11.Usage of reference and bibliography:
References and bibliography are the elements of an essay which uplifts its quality to the next level. The main reason behind referencing the sources and listing the bibliography is that it will discourage plagiarism and also paraphrasing the sentences.

They help in building a unique and resourceful content.

12.Unique and original:
To bring the best of an essay, it must be written from scratch. Unique and original will have more impact on the readers than the one which is copied from somewhere else.

These are few of the simple but neat tricks that will help in writing the best paper. 

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