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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How to write a comparative analytical essay

How to write a comparative analytical essay? A step by step guide

What is comparative analysis essay?
Comparative analysis essay is a type of academic writing which compares two topics and brings light on the differences. Two topics which are chosen for writing are compared, contrasted and evaluated.

The main aim of writing a comparative analysis is to discuss similarities and differences between two topics.

Why is it required?
Comparative analytical essay is required for:

1.Clarifying things which are not understood

2.Compare between two things and say which one is better

3.Bring an insight to the topic or an opinion about it

Organizing a comparative analysis essay
There are two ways of presenting the essay to the readers or organizing it:

1.Point by point analysis: Here each point must hold the compare and contrast strategy by bringing the difference between two topics which is being discussed.


                                                                     Point 1
                                                                     Subject A
                                                                     Subject B

                                                                     Point 2
                                                                     Subject A
                                                                     Subject B


2.Subject by subject analysis: Here points to be discussed are compared and contrasted subject by subject.



                                                                    Point 1

                                                          Transitional paragraph

                                                                  Subject 2
                                                                  Point 1


How to write a comparative analysis?

Step 1: Analyse for a topic- To start writing a comparative analysis essay, topic must be chosen of a respective subject. Two different topics can bring out the difference and therefore comparing them becomes easy.

Step 2: Research for the topic to evaluate-  Once topic for an essay is chosen, content for writing it must be researched. As it is a type of academic writing, in-depth research is required. There are several sources where information for the content can be found such as books, journals, and encyclopedia.

Step 3: Prepare an outline- The next step of writing a comparative analytical essay is to prepare an outline of an essay. Outlining an essay will help in writing it in a structured format. An outline generally includes an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion part.

Step 4: Plan the comparison and analysis of the topic- Outlining an essay will only help in building an essay. But the real meaning of a comparative analytical essay comes out when the each paragraph will have a comparison and its evaluation thus bringing differences and similarities.

Step 5: Start with the structure of an essay- After outlining an essay and content analysis and comparison are collected, they must be laid together in a structure that every essay must follow.
To know how to write them down in a structure, read the structure of a comparative analysis essay which is written below.

Step 6: Revise- The last part of an essay is to revise it. Complete content must be edited, revised so that it will not communicate wrong information.

Elements of comparative analytical essay

1.Listing the differences and similarities.

2.Each comparison must have some weight and grounds to compare and contrast. 

3.Evaluative points to make them look authoritative.

4.Use of vocabulary that seems to compare between two things for example: like, both, in common.

5.Comparative degree must be utilized as far as voice of an essay is concerned.

6.Formal language is advised to be used.

7.Brainstorming for bringing out differences and similarities.

8.Maintaining parallel structure while bringing out differences and similarities.

Structure of a comparative analysis essay

1.Introduction:  The first part of any essay is its introduction section. These are the following points that must be included while writing it.

 a.Introductory sentences: These must be mentioned at the start to bring out the essence of the central idea.

 b.Thesis statement: A strong thesis statement must be included which will bring out the importance of the content at large.

c.Intention of writing: Stating the intention of writing the topic becomes important as they must be compared and contrasted.

 d.Transitional sentences: These sentences must be included in order to link to the body section.

2.Body: A body section is necessary as this part contains the heart of an essay. Other important elements that must be considered while writing it are:

a.Paragraphs: There must be two or more paragraphs which have the structure of compare and contrast to elaborate content collected.

 b.Transitional sentences: These sentences must be included to keep with the flow within the body section based on the type it is organized(point by point analysis or subject by subject analysis)

3.Conclusion: Being one of the crucial part of an essay, conclusion section must be included so that it brings justice to the overall content written. Other important aspects of writing a conclusion are:

a.Highlighting the points of compare and contrast: The main aim of writing a conclusion part is to highlight the whole essay within a short paragraph, this itself will lead to a strong essay.

b.To synthesize: Conclusion sentences must be written in order to recap, revise and synthesize the elements that are brought throughout the essay.

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