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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tackling the problems while writing an essay

Why is it difficult to write an essay?

Writing is a form of art which takes some time to learn. However, it is not difficult to start with. Laymen having little knowledge of writing can also give a hand on practice if the writing problems are tackled the proper way. In this article, you will the basic difficulties that make writing a boring part of life.
If it is writing an essay especially, it becomes more difficult to even start with. Here are few points mentioned as to why it becomes difficult to wrote an essay

1.Not knowing from where to start: The problem that starts with writing an essay is where to start from.

2.Not knowing what audience demands: The purpose of writing an essay is to cater to the needs of the audience, hence there arises a problem if the needs of them are not met.

3.Not using the language appropriately: To deliver an opinion, it is important to write in a convincing manner. Not knowing to use the language properly might cause trouble to write an essay. 

4.Difficulty in researching the topic: To write on a topic, basic thing required is to research on the given topic. It becomes difficult to start writing if there is no proper research done for it. 

Common problem that students face while writing an essay

1.Difficulty in organizing the essay:
The most common problem faced while writing an essay is to organize it properly. It becomes like a body without skeleton where there is no proper format for an essay.

2.Writer’s block:
It is a common scenario where an essay gets stuck in between because of a writer’s block. Writer's block can be for various reasons, for thinking too much, taking stress on completing an essay among others.   

3.Ambiguity to write content without plagiarism:
Plagiarism is a serious offense which might get a student caught. A well-written essay is the one which does not have content copied from somewhere or stolen from somebody.

4.Improper use of references: Referring to improper references might lead to misinformation which can harm the quality of an essay.

5.Difficulty in using standard formatting style: There are standard formatting styles already prescribed by the universities, these must be properly used to write a perfect essay. Failing to do so might create difficulty in forming the structure.

6.Handling a good hook statement to start with:
What keeps the readers to continue reading is these hook statements. They must be attached in an essay without fail without which an essay is incomplete. 

7.Improper thesis statement: Thesis statement is a crucial part of an essay; this will bind the essay together and make it little stronger. It is important to take a note on this. 

8.Ineffective use of writing skills:
Writing skills are very much important to write an essay. Irrespective of the language, it must be used effectively to bring out the best out of an essay.

9.Difficulty in finding an effective topic:
A common problem is a difficulty to find an effective topic to write on. A good topic can give off a lot to delivering good content to the readers.

10.Analysis on the topic that is researched:
Researching on a topic is half of the story, the other half is to present an analysis on the researched points. Analysis is more crucial than just researching on the topic. 

How to tackle these problems? Read along to know more!

Best solutions to tackle problems while an essay 

1.Structuring an essay:
An essay must be structured in a proper format. It must include an introduction, a body section and a conclusion part. This way, the collected information can be properly organized to give the best essay.

2.Writer’s block:
There are several ways of removing a writer’s block, one of them being to walk for a while or take some. To know more on how to remove a writer’s block, follow this link.

3.Writing content without plagiarism:
To write content without plagiarism, a topic must be started off from the scratch. This will help in researching the topic, finding references for it and writing them on your own.

4.Proper use of references:
Referring to reputable sources will enhance the quality of an essay.Hence proper references must be utilized.

5.Using standard formatting styles:
Standard reference styles such as Harvard, MLA, and APA must be used in order to format an essay in a proper way. This results in providing a clean and a well-written essay.

6.A great hook statement:
A great hook statement gives a great start to an essay. Including these in it will give better readability and catch holds of a reader’s attention towards reading it.

7.Strong thesis statement:
Thesis statement is like an anchor to the ship. The ship might be sailing on the surface of the water but it is always captivated by an anchor at the bottom.
Thesis statement brings an essay together which might be divided into sections. Writing a strong thesis statement might bring a new dimension to an essay being written.

8.Effective use of writing skills:
To bring an essay together and make it more understandable, best writing skills must be adopted. There are several resources available to improve them.
It takes some time to master the techniques but not late enough to start with.

9.Finding an inspirational topic to write on:
There are several topics available on which an essay can be written. A topic must be carefully chosen which will express an opinion or give solutions to a problem that is faced commonly.

10.Analysis on the research:
It is a good way of writing an essay which consists of well-researched points. But it becomes ineffective if the researched points are not analyzed properly.
To convey something essay is the best platform and that platform must be uutilizedto the fullest. Thus it becomes important to present an essay which has an analysed research done to it.


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