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Thursday, 27 April 2017

How to write a job application essay

What are the ways to write a job application essay?

There are numerous ways through which the employers recruit the potential employees. The important aspects which help them in judging an employee are one’s talent and skill.

One of the ways to judge them is through their job application essay.

What is job application essay?
A job application essay is a platform available which helps in bringing out the skill, talent and experience in respective field of an employee. It is a chance which must be made full use of to gain the dream job that you expect.
How to write a job application essay? What are things to be considered while an essay is being written? Here is an article which talks about the importance of it and how to write in a presentable format.

Characteristics of job application essay

1.Professional: Unlike other types of essays, a job application essay must be written in a professional manner. As it deals with a career, care must be taken to showcase your determination and passion towards the respective field.

2.Show don’t tell theory: This theory adds a touch of reality to the essay being written. The show don’t tell theory must be adopted as it expresses about the topic through action, words, thoughts, senses and feelings.

3.Outlook of the personality: Job applications are the outlook of your personality hence it should be treated more than a resume.

Steps to write the best job application essay

1.Choose a topic:  The first step to write a job application essay is to find a topic to write. Such topic must be chosen which helps in bringing out your determination and passion towards the career that you want to start with.

2.Brainstorm on writing the best: Once the topic is chosen, the next step is to brainstorm on how to write the best on the topic. You must chalk out plans for writing in a structured format; bring out ideas on presenting the same information in an innovative way.

3.Create an outline: After collecting the materials for writing a job application essay, an outline must be created.
Creating an outline will help in organizing the content in a better manner. It acts like a road map for the essay further.  

4.Include introduction section: An essay consists of three sections; namely, an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.
The first section must be the introduction section. This section must be written in order to introduce your essay. It is very important to add hook statement and thesis statement to make it readable.

5.Include body section: The next section  of an essay is the body section. This is considered the heart of the essay which must include paragraphs. There must be inclusion of two or paragraphs in it which should support the topic which is being written.

6.Include conclusion section: The last section of an essay is the conclusion section. Though all the sections in an essay are important, special attention must be given to the conclusion section.
Concluding an essay is critical as it summarizes the whole essay which is written. It is advised to write a convincing conclusion which does not replicate the hook or thesis statement.

7.Edit the essay: Once a draft is prepared, it must be then edited. Editing is a stage of essay writing which helps in revising and refining the content of it.
Some of the information which is not required or some which were missed while drafting it can be added and discarded respectively.

8.Proofread the essay: Considered as the last stage of essay writing, proofreading is crucial to consider as it involves correcting and rectifying few of the silliest mistakes that were probably not noticed while drafting and editing.

Tips to consider while writing a job application essay

1.Do not enumerate achievements, there must be an insight or opinions that are required

2.Spend more time towards what you want from the career

3.Be sure to include topic sentence in each paragraph

4.Recruiters get to know about you in a better manner, hence skills must be put up appropriately

5. Adopt to your own writing style

6. It must be written in such a way that it creates motivating impact on the recruiter:

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