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Monday, 24 April 2017

Advantage of writing a journal

Why journaling is important and how to do it?

We all go through the phase of introspection. It is a state where the mind needs some time far off from people to realize and motivate oneself. It is the time to realize things which are on the other side of the grass, have a perspective about life in a panoramic view.
Journaling your own thoughts is the best way to attain the goals of your life.

What is journaling?
Journaling is a way of documenting your own thoughts. The practise of writing it has been proved a healthy way for the brain and advantageous for handling emotions. Here in this article, you’ll find some of the best advantages of writing a journal. Read on to know more.

16 advantages of writing a journal which will help you to grow

1.You will get hold of your emotions:  Emotions of a man are generally expressed. These emotions can be happiness, sadness, frustration etc. To get hold of your emotions and to evaluate them, you must take help of journal.
Writing a journal will help in assessing oneself. To keep track of what you are going through will help in handling the situation in a better manner.

2.Helps in achieving goals: The other purpose of writing a journal is to maintain the record of what you want to achieve in life. Everybody has goals in their lives which must be noted down.
To keep you motivated to achieve the goals, journaling predominantly helps in keeping it on the track.

3.Increases emotional intelligence:  EQ (Emotional quotient) is a measure of a man’s emotional intelligence and how does he respond to the emotions and its reactions. By regularly writing journal, EQ can be raised as well as help in learning about your own emotions.

4.Improves writing skills: Apart from psychological facts, maintaining a journal has helped many people in improving their writing skills. Words flow automatically once you start writing, with practise the flow can be inspected for better leading to improvement in the way of expressing yourself.

5.Gives a deeper understanding: A deeper understanding of one’s own mind is far better than judging others. Journaling what you know, what you see, what you feel will help in getting a better insight about life and its beauty.

6.Makes you more creative: Creativity is the use of imagination and spontaneity to create brilliant creations. When you write a journal, it helps in making you more creative.

7.Improves communication skills:  Communication skills are important for achieving success. It is communication which helps in revealing an individual and the characteristics. By writing a journal, it will open doors to express yourself in a better manner thereby letting your thoughts flow.

8.Helps in personal growth: As said above, recording a journal will help in growing as a person. Great leaders were not born; they made themselves as a leader because of constant introspection and determination to grow.

9.Gives the peace of mind: It is revealed that some of the emotions and things which cannot be shared with anyone are often left unsaid. These unsaid words must be documented so that it reduces stress by which it gives peace of mind.

10.Helps to handle situation: Few of the moments where you feel like giving up can be handled if you know yourself. Such stressful situations can be controlled if you regularly write what you feel, how to get over it and thus which will make you ready for the situation.

11.Helps improving confidence: Confidence can be gained if thoughts are approached in an appropriate way. This cannot be done in a day or two, it needs time and energy.

12.Helps in keeping track of progress: There might be several situations which can be life changing experience. Such experiences will help you in growing as a person. To keep track of the progress, it is fair enough to write them down.

13.Helps in inspiring yourself: To inspire yourself, there are several ways. One of them is to learn from your own mistakes. These mistakes will help you to grow and seek new opportunities. To help yourself get inspired, you must start journaling.

14.Marks a way to be thankful for the life: There are many moments in life which you must be thankful for. Such moments can be made more beautiful by recording them through words.
Write something for which you are thankful for, a blessing, a smile or it can be anything.

15.Broadens your imagination: By writing regularly, it is possible to broaden your imagination. It not only builds creativity but also makes for new things in your life.

Tips to consider while journaling

1.The ambience matters. Choose a place where there is void and silence. Thoughts come to mind when they are given a room.

2.Do not restrict yourself to think. Journal is a way through which you are excavating yourself, you must let the thoughts flow.

3.There must be focus both inward and outward so that the record of your emotion gets some meaning.

4.Make it a regular habit to write your thoughts. Having gaps in between will make it difficult to continue.

5.Do not procrastinate on what you have been avoiding, write down what you fear, what makes you feel bad. It is more important to be honest while writing.

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