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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Reverse outlining for an essay

What is reverse outlining?

An outline is required when an essay is being written. Outlining an essay will help in forming a structure to the essay. It is a tool that is used before writing down a draft. But what about reverse outlining? What does that mean?

Reverse outlining is nothing but an outline that is created after a write-up has been written. It is tool that is used after the content is written. Reverse outline is helpful once an essay is drafted. It is an outline which is created out of the existing text.

What is the purpose of writing a reverse outline?

1.The purpose of a reverse outline is to know what you have already written,
2.Arranging the draft in a logical manner so as to understand how the information flows
3.It is a review to the already written content which will have all the checks before it is published
4.It creates a framework for an essay which will be helpful interconnect between the written content.
5.It provides a bulletin pint view to revise the structure of the paper

What does a reverse outline involve?

1.Reverse outline involves a slow reading which will have a glance of all the points that are mentioned.
2.Reverse outlining involves restructuring of a content which must be well connected with each paragraph.

5 Simple steps to create a reverse outline

1.Read: The first step to create a reverse outline is to read the essay again. This will allow in having more ideas for re-drafting it.

2.Identify the thesis statement: Thesis statement is the main content for an essay. It builds relationship between each paragraph in an essay. Hence a thesisstatement must be read thoroughly.
Thesis statements are important which must be matched with section of an essay. If the context does not match with the written thesis statement, they must be edited accordingly.  

3.Count the paragraphs: The next step in creating a reverse outline is to count the number of paragraphs. After listing their numberings, they must be read line by line. Each paragraph must be unique yet combined by a common goal of informing proper information.

4.Make a note:  There are several ways of creating a reverse outline, one of them is to make note of the points (the main points) and list them on the margin,
These must be listed or marked according to their importance. Making note can be done by Roman numeral/ Roman alphabet structure.

5.Restructure: Based on the analysis of the numberings, order them or restructure the essay by revising it. The content if it is scattered can be reorganized in this step. This is the last step of the reverse outlining procedure.

Difference between normal outline and a reverse outline

1.Outline is done at the preliminary stage of drafting an essay whereas reverse outlining is done at the end of the write-up.

2.Outline helps in building an essay structure whereas reverse outlining helps in restructuring the essay.

3.Outlining is done in order to have an analysis on the subject topic whereas  reverse outlining is done to have an overview on the analysis that is already done.

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