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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Note taking strategy while writing an essay

What is Note taking strategy?

What is note taking?
Note taking strategy is one of the strategies that are used while collecting information for writing an essay. It is one of the ways to record the information from a reputed source for writing. There are many strategies that can be used to take notes.
Here in this article, we discuss few of the major strategies of note taking which will be helpful while writing an essay.

Benefits of note taking strategy:
1.Improves your understanding for writing better essay.

2.Helps in preparing a structure for the essay.

3.Bits of information which can be later formulated to a lengthier essay.

9 worthy note taking strategies that works while writing an essay

Strategy #1.Develop your own system of shorthand and abbreviations:  This strategy is very helpful to write a high quality essay. Developing your own shorthand or abbreviations can always make it easier to take notes thus fastens the process of writing.

Strategy #2.Use the Cornell system: Cornell note taking method was a note taking method devised by Walter Pauk of the Cornell university. This note taking strategy helps in taking notes in a systematic ways.
In this system, a page must be divided into section. The first section will be on the left hand (a column) which will have the keywords. The second section should roughly take half width of the page to take notes including the keywords written in the first section. To know more about this system, refer to this link.

Strategy #3.Mind map for creating ideas: Mind mapping is another effective technique that should be used to take notes. Diagrams, visuals and other materials must be used. Follow this link on how to mind map for writing an essay.

Strategy #4.Summarize whatever has been read:  This technique should be used as it will help in understanding the essay in a better manner. Summarization should be done by writing in the form of bulletin points.

Strategy #5.Source the information:  While taking notes for writing an essay it is suggested to source the information. This will be useful when the actual essay is being written. The recorded information can be later used for reference purpose.

Strategy #6.Use note cards: Note cards are the best note taking strategies which should be used effectively. It contains the topic name on the top of page with the source name on the right hand side of the page. Page number is added for reference purpose.

Strategy #7.Keep it short: The easiest way to write make notes is to keep it short. It is a bad practise to write the points in lengthy paragraphs. As mentioned above, they must be written in points making it easier to understand.

Strategy #8.Paraphrase: Paraphrasing is a legal way to use the sources for writing an essay. It is a technique where the original text is used for rewriting in one’s own words.

Strategy #9.Use different colours: To be more creative, it is suggested to use colourful pencils and pens so that it becomes easier and interesting to write down the information.

Strategy #10.Outlining the information: This technique is used to organize the collected information into a structure. It not only helps to take notes but also makes it easier to write an essay in the exact format that is to be submitted.

Tips to consider while taking notes

1.Refer to reputed sources while making notes for an essay.

2.Use linking and transitional words.

3.There are digital note making applications available to use this strategy.

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