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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How to write an interview essay

How to write the best interview essay very easily?

What is an interview?
Usually, a person’s thoughts, perception and insight on a specific topic can be collected as a data. Series of questions, talks, and discussions are asked by the other person. This is collectively known an interview. 

What is an interview essay?
An interview essay is a report or documentation of the talks, discussions and series of questions prompted by the interviewer. It is a type of formal essay where set of questions on a particular topic is discussed.

How to write an interview essay? What are the considerable things to note while writing an interview essay? Here are few tips assembled to write an interview essay in the easiest way.

Easy tips to write an interview essay

Tip 1:Focus on the topic on which an interview is being conducted: To write an interview essay, an interview must be conducted.
Therefore based on the interviewee, a specific topic must be selected to write upon it.

Tip 2:Prepare a questionnaire for the interview: Once a topic is selected to conduct an interview, the next step is to prepare a set of questions for the interview. These questions can have multiple answers and in different formats. It can be
1.Narrative format
2.Question answer format
3.Conversational format
Based on these types of formats, questions must be formulated.

Tip 3:Use of language:  As mentioned above, based on the format chosen, the use of language also changes. If it is a question answer format, there is an encouragement to use neutral language. If it is a narrative format or a conversational format then, informal language is suggested to be used.

Tip 4:Include journalistic words to have more impact: Standard journalistic words like “how”, “what”, “when”, ”why”, ”where” must be used to have a deeper impact and create a super standard interview essay. 

Tip 5:Arrange the data collected into different sections: Once an interview is conducted, it must be arranged in a systematic order. An essay comprises of three sections, an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section.
The data thus collected must be rearranged and written in this format.

Tip 6:Find the purpose of writing an interview essay: The professional tip to consider is to find the purpose of writing interview essay. A purpose to inform people, engage people into reading or any other reason.
Without having a specific reason, it becomes difficult to formulate an essay.

Tip 7:Write a spectacular thesis statement: A thesis statement is one of the important elements of an essay. It must be written carefully as it can build or break an essay’s readability.
The primary aim of writing a thesis statement is to have lucid transitions between each section and keep up the flow.

Tip 8:Edit and reedit the essay: After the write-up gets finished, it must be edited thoroughly so that there are no errors or wrong data that goes in.

Tip9:Proofread the essay: The last stage of writing an essay id the proofreading stage. In this stage, each word is given a keen look, so that it does not give out errors as an output.

Tip10:Leave behind an impression:  To leave behind the best impression, hook statements, anecdote must be utilized so that it becomes readable.

Things to consider while writing an interview essay

1.Write down the thoughts that you have while interviewing somebody.

2.Important and minute details must be marked so that they can be written when the essay is being drafted.

3.Using the points collected, there must be an outline created so that it is easier to write down the essay.

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